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BRUNNER CLS-E Joystick: Precise, Powerful and Sensitive. A leading product that meets highest demands.

It is an impressive and positive feedback that Fabio Merlo published in his review of the CLS-E joystick on the Italian web side of simFlight.

The BRUNNER CLS-E Active Force Feedback Joystick meets the highest demands of a multitude of Flight Simulation solutions. The high dynamic brushless DC motor and BRUNNER’s  Active Control Loading Technology reacts with realistic movements to even finest inputs and offers an excellent  artificial feeling!

The BRUNNER CLS-E Joystick offers different Grip options. Beside a Plug&Play TM HOTAS and various Virpil grips, the JLS-E Joystick is also available with an A320 grip or without a grip.

Enabled by our unique CLS2Sim software-environment, the CLS-E Joystick communicates easily with commercially available flight simulation software such as X-Plane, M-FSX and Prepar3D®.

We would like to summarize some highlights from Fabio’s article in our English translation:

„The CLS-E joystick is a versatile product that works directly with various different flight simulator software packages (X-Plane, P-3D, FSX, DCS and even the ProSimAR Suite). After removing the CLS-E Joystick from its high-quality transport packaging we were able to admire the coherent design, the product quality and even its weight, which can be felt everywhere. Of course this is very high because it is a Dynamic Force Feedback joystick.“

„Brunner’s CLS-E Joystick is sold in various configurations. The basic device is always identical, but different grips can be mounted on it. … Brunner has set up a serial connection to all switches and buttons in the interface to the grips and thus supports the portfolio of grips from Thrustmaster and Virpil. Many of these small details show the difference between the different products on the international market and the impressive Brunner qualities.”

„After mounting our Grip (A320) on the bracket of the Brunner CLS-E Force Feedback joystick in less than a minute, we used the USB port to connect the joystick to the PC and supply it with its standard power supply. Then we installed the CLS2SIM software from Brunner, which carries out the configuration and initialization automatically. CLS2SIM is constantly maintained and expanded by Brunner. In addition, CLS2Sim delights with a very intuitive user interface. You can find your way around right from the start and all configuration options are clearly presented.”

 „For our test we had configured strong and gusty winds. After exit from the taxiway to the runway with our Airbus A320 we use the CLS-E Joystick to do the typical checks of the flight controls.. At the end of the runway and with the take-off, we had to intervene immediately on the joystick with a sharp correction against the strong gusts. The outstanding quality of the CLS-E joystick was immediately apparent here. We felt the plane as if we were on a real Airbus A320!“

„This Force Feedback Joystick is a great product, suitable for beginners as well as for absolute professionals, and for all those who want to train and love the feeling of flying a real plane. In short: an all-in product with a great price-to-performance ratio! “

The original review by Fabio can be found under the following link:

Interested reading some more? Then take a quick look at VOLOSimulato and read the review of our CLS-E NG Yoke.

„We flew the Standard Instrument Departures (SID) in manual mode and tried the different facets of the CLS-E NG Yoke by Brunner. IMPRESSIVE! I could hardly believe what I was experiencing: precise movement, 100%  correct aligned  and perfectly balanced by the software and the Brunner hardware.”

„The weather conditions that I selected for my test were quite extreme. In all of the resulting difficult flight conditions, the Brunner CLS-E NG Yoke behaved exemplary as in the textbook: an excellent force feedback (perfectly interpreted by the software) and also an excellent feeling via the mechanics of the yoke!”

„Brunner has established a new level of reliability and quality in all details. No other manufacturer has ever been able to match these benchmarks. Outstanding mechanics and excellent software support with the really mature CLS2Sim software deserve our maximum recognition.

After the earlier test of the CLS-E rudder and the current test of the CLS-E NG Yoke my conclusion is clear: this is the first choice to build a new Cessna cockpit!

The original review by Fabio can be found under the following link:

We hope you enjoyed these reviews. Please contact us directly. Mario Ackermann, Head of Sales & Marketing, looks forward to any question you may have.

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Industriestrasse 27
CH-8335 Hittnau

tel +41 (0)44 953 1010
fax +41 (0)44 953 1019

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