EtherCAT® I/O

Your choice for flexible EtherCAT® I/O Interface demands.



The BRUNNER EtherCAT® I/O is part of our EtherCAT® product portfolio. It is a multi-purpose I/O module that provides a wide range of interfacing features in a very compact and easy to mount case.

BRUNNER EtherCAT® I/O enables fast and easy connection and integration of digital and analogue I/O signals from switches, sensors, actuators etc. to an EtherCAT® network at a competitive price point. Beside standard I/O functionality, the device also provides serial ports and a CAN interface. The Encoder Interface with various counting modes and the PWM outputs for driving an external power stage are further powerful features.

These interfaces comply with the EtherCAT® Modular Device Profile Standard. Further, CoE (CAN application protocol over EtherCAT®) and Distributed Clocks are supported.

EtherCAT® I/O is designed to simplify the cabling efforts by providing easy push-in connectors for I/O and power. Transmitting digitalized I/O data over EtherCAT® networks reduces complexity and costs for the installation of control and signal wiring. Its robust industrial design and snap-on mounting capability on various top hat DIN rails allow the fast and easy mounting and connection of the device directly at the signal source.


Input Voltage15-30 VDC (Power Jack 5/2.1 mm)
CommunicationEtherCAT® 2 Ports (RJ45),
1x CAN 2.0A/B, ISO 11898 (DSub9)
2x Serial Ports, EIA/TIA-232,
EIA/TIA-422, EIA/TIA-485 (DSub9)
Interface8x Digital Inputs (24 V, optional 5 V)
8x Digital Outputs (24 V, 2.6 A @ 1 Ch, 5.3 A @ 4 CH)
4x Analog Inputs (-10 V … 10 V, 12 Bit)
4x Analog Outputs (0 V … 10 V, 12 Bit)
2x PWM outputs (24V, 150mA)
2x Inc. Encoder Inputs (A/B/Z)
(WAGO 737-112)
MountingTop hat DIN rail snap-on mounting
35mm x 15mm (EN 50022),
35mm x 7.5mm (EN 50022) and
15mm x 5mm (EN 50045) DIN
Size111 x 118 x 54.5 mm
4.4 x 4.7 x 21.5 in
Weight290 g / 0.64 lb


  • Multi-purpose EtherCAT® I/O Device
  • CoE (PDO, SDO) supported
  • EtherCAT® Modular Device Profile
    (ETG.5001.1 v0.1.1, ETG.5001.3 v0.1.1).
  • Distributed clocks supported
  • Analog and Digital In- and Outputs
  • PWM Outputs
  • Serial Ports (RS232, RS422, RS485)
  • CAN interface up to 1Mbps
  • Incremental Encoder Interface with various counting modes
  • Easy and fast cabling through push-in connectors
  • LED indication of DIN and DOUT states
  • Snap-on mounting on various top hat DIN rails
  • Low power consumption
  • Software update via EtherCAT® / CAN / RS232
  • Swiss Made
  • 2 Years Warranty


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