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The ULC AC-Servo Drive by BRUNNER is a compact, intelligent servo controller for driving synchronous and asynchronous Motors up to 1 kW. It is targeting all applications where price-performance is key. The integrated mains filter, power supply and I/O interfaces ensures minimum cabling effort and true plug & play functionality at an unmatched price-performance point.

The integrated field bus interface (EtherCAT® or CANopen®) enables the communication and easy integration with a superordinate control system (e.g. TwinCAT® or CodeSys). Point-to-point positioning or master-slave applications are possible as easy as synchronized multiple axes.

Beside the standard CANopen® operations modes (DS-402) we have optionally integrated our unique active force control mode, that enables a smooth force control for robotic and simulation applications.

BRUNNER has the unrivaled capability to implement client-specific modes or design even a dedicated Drive upon request. Our parameter setting tool “DriveSetup” enables the easy operation and setup of the drive via USB.


Input VoltagePower Stage: 90-265VAC 50/60 Hz (IEC13)
Logic: integrated Power Supply or ext. 24VDC
Output Power1kW / 26A max
CommunicationCAN (RJ45), EtherCAT® (RJ45) or RS232 (WE Series 7015B)
FeedbackIncremental Encoder or
RS-485 (DSub15)
I/O2 Digital Inputs (12-32 V)
1 Analog Input (12Bit, 0-12V)
Motor Brake (24V@1.5A)
Size205 x 95 x 44 mm, w/o Cooling
8.1 x 3.74 x 1.73 in, w/o Cooling
Weight0.7 Kg / 1.5 lb


  • Drives synchronous and asynchronous Motors up to 1kW
  • Unmatched price-performance ratio
  • Space-Vector-Modulation
  • Complete DS-402 Motion Mode Support
  • Fast EtherCAT® (CoE) or CANopen® Interface
  • Supports Std. Motion Modes (PP, PV, HM, TQ, IP)
  • Unique Active Force Control mode (optional)
  • Distributed Clock supported
  • High Speed Position Control
  • Inrush current limit
  • Temperature control
  • I2T over-current Control
  • Over- and undervoltage monitoring
  • Integrated mains filter and power supply
  • Leakage current meets VDE 0701
  • Integrated Brake-Chopper and I/O functionality
  • Low power consumption in standby-mode
  • Software update via EtherCat® / CAN / RS232
  • Swiss Made
  • 2 Years Warranty


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Industriestrasse 27
CH-8335 Hittnau

tel +41 (0)44 953 1010
fax +41 (0)44 953 1019


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