The only true mixed reality headset.



Varjo is the first company to introduce gaze-directed, high-resolution autofocus cameras in mixed reality with the XR-4 series
Going far beyond consumer-grade headsets that only cater to 2D productivity use cases, Varjo’s 4th generation headsets are designed to deliver deeply immersive VR/XR experiences for industrial customers who require top visual fidelity and performance. Today, over 25% of Fortune 100 companies are using Varjo’s technology to train astronauts and pilots, radically shorten automotive production timelines, power medical breakthroughs, and render stunning 3D visualizations for architects and designers.

Powered by NVIDIA GPUs and integrated into NVIDIA Omniverse, the XR-4 series allows developers and industrial users to render photorealistic scenes and unlock ray tracing in mixed reality. The combined technologies dwarf the computational power that can be achieved with a mobile chip and are a game-changer for developers. The Varjo-ready software ecosystem of over 100 third-party PC applications and 3D engines, including Unreal Engine and Unity, integrates the XR-4 series into the world’s most demanding workflows across training and simulation, design and engineering, healthcare and more.


Display & ResolutionDual 4K x 4K displays with a resolution of 51 pixels per degree (ppd)
Field-of-Viewover 50% wider field of view (120° x 105°) compared to previous-generation devices
Display Brightness200 nits (double compared to previous generation devices)
Color gamut96% DCI-P3
CamerasDual 20 Mpx cameras for powering the industry’s highest-fidelity, real-time photorealistic video pass-through mixed reality; 200Hz Eye-tracking
AudioBuilt-in DTS 3D spatial audio with noise-canceling mics and integrated speakers for collaborative use cases
Wearability3-point precision fit headband
Replaceable easy-to-clean polyurethane face cushions, Automatic IPD 58–72mm

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