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Switzerland is described by virtues like autonomy, independence and justice. Its success is based on a society that is well educated, ambitious, open-minded and quality conscious.

As BRUNNER Elektronik AG we proudly say:
we are Switzerland.

More-over, we are cosmopolitan, interested in global trends and business transformations, and actively pursue international markets and new challenges.


It is this self-conception which characterizes us as a company, our employees and solutions and which determines all our actions. Our aim is to keep our customers at the center of what we do and focus on their individual needs and demands.

As such, we listen carefully, understand their business and operational context and create comprehensive solutions and services that are relevant and objective.

Moreover, we believe in continuity and sustainability and remain at the side of our customers and partners. Fairness is very important to us, as a value in our company, but also towards our customers and partners.

Finally, we believe that investigating in the professional education of young people and growing them to become the next generation of our company’s strong and motivated team is a true matter of our heart.


Inventor spirit originates from curiosity, creativity and courage.

If this inventor  spirit meets willpower, something new and exciting can originate. And quite often, the result is a true and surprising innovation. It is this understanding of innovation that guides us and which we want to share with our partners and customers.

It’s our openness and ‚Outside-In‘ mentality which allows us to gain inspiration and competence from global trends and changes. As such, we became an innovation partner in research projects of CERN in Geneva.

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When dedication and innovation join, something unique results!

Dedication and Innovation – those two attributes describe us as a company and motivate us to achieve outstanding and lasting success for our customers every day.

Finally, dedication+innovation is the claim of our company.


BRUNNER addresses a range of customers that includes small-to-medium size companies, large enterprises and research institutions. They come from Switzerland, but also from all other regions of the world.

With convincing solutions in the field of electronics, intelligent drives and innovative simulation products and components we address customers in markets like mechanical engineering, packaging industry, process engineering, medical technology, robotics and simulation-based training.

professional services.

Professional Services – this is the headline we use to summarize all our competencies and abilities which acts as the sound foundation for our technical research, design and development work. This also includes our professional project management and quality assurance. Our Professional Services team serves all our customer projects as well as our own internal product development.

PRODUCTION services.

BRUNNER operates modern manufacturing, integration and testing infrastructures which enables  us to manufacture and integrate complex electronic  components, mechanical components and structures as well as complete solutions fully in-house. These capabilities are complemented by various testing and qualification units and qualified staff, ensuring functional and formal quality and conformity.


Our modern and powerful Drives and Motions products are key enabling technologies and success factors to our customer’s projects and intelligent process-oriented applications. A rapidly advancing industrial digitization and trends like Smart Factory and the Internet-of-Things are challenges we observe and transform into true innovation for our customers and partners.

Our innovative control loading systems enables software- driven and fully configurable solutions with an accurate force feedback, allowing the precise representation of haptic man-machine interaction.

As such, our products and components are valuable building blocks in our customer’s successful systems, in automation, robotics or in flight simulators for pilot training.

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Industriestrasse 27
CH-8335 Hittnau

tel +41 (0)44 953 1010
fax +41 (0)44 953 1019

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