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Production Services



BRUNNER operates modern manufacturing, integration and testing infrastructures which enables us to manufacture and integrate complex electronic components, mechanical components and structures as well as complete solutions fully in-house.

These capabilities are complemented by various testing and qualification units and qualified staff, insuring functional and formal quality and conformity. Based on these capabilities, we design and produce our own product portfolio, which consists of cutting edge Control-Loading-Systems, configurable individual Drive solutions and intelligent Interfacing & Control solutions.

Besides manufacturing our own portfolio of products we are a strong partner of various industrial customers from Switzerland and abroad. We convince and satisfy them with quality, flexibility and commitment to the delivery dates. In most cases, we involve our Design-and Engineering team before the production process starts to ensure our customers solution gets evaluated and optimized for efficient and reliable production.

This leads to significant and long-lasting advantages to our customers, including potential cost savings.


Our Production Services team master’s customer demands that range from prototyping and batch production to small and full series production. Repair, re-engineering and obsolescence management add to our unique competencies and demonstrate our commitment to handle even most individual and specific customer needs.

Based on the concepts of a modern One-Stop-Shop and via an active and early participation of our engineering and prototyping team we review and optimize your solution design and the production process tailored for it. The dialog we have with our customers at that stage includes the aspects of life-cycle-management and leads to an early risk identification and reduction.


BRUNNER manages and coordinates all processes and activities related to logistics and production via a powerful and company-wide Supply Chain Management. Our Supply Chain Management ensures the efficient flow of information and material across the whole value chain and leads to an overall production process that is highly optimized and cost efficient.

We involve our suppliers and customers as early and consequent as possible, and perform the full spectrum of tasks ranging from global sourcing to supply management, and from warehousing to distribution.


BRUNNER has more than 40 years of experience in design and manufacturing of complex electronic circuits and assemblies. Based on a close dialog with our customers we utilize our experiences and competences to create customer-specific and individual solution strategies and designs. This supports the creation and evaluation of prototypes, an efficient batch or small series production and finally the economical series production.

All electronic assemblies and solutions that are produced in our facilities benefit from consequent functional testing and reporting, measures of quality assurance and a high-quality technical documentation.


With our modern CNC manufacturing machines in house we are able to react to any specific customer demand in a very flexible and fast way. We are able to produce small batch series for prototyes or early series but for sure we can establish a series production for higher quantities.

One of our strength is the early production of mechanical prototypes, which very often generates significant cost and schedule savings for our customers. If required, we add the services of mechanical assembly, final integration and function testing to our offering.


All products and solutions, regardless if it’s our own product or an individual solution produced for a customer, gets assembled in our Assembly-Center.

It’s our team of talented and skilled assembly specialists that insure quality and prepare the assemblies for the required functional testing and quality assurance inspections in our Inspection and Testing Center.

To complete our testing capability spectrum we operate our own EMC measurement cabin.

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Industriestrasse 27
CH-8335 Hittnau

tel +41 (0)44 953 1010
fax +41 (0)44 953 1019

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