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Professional Services



Professional Services – that’s the headline we use to summarize all our competencies and services building the solid foundation for our research and development, design and engineering and customer services efforts.

Our Professional Services portfolio is divided into eight competency modules that are well defined, aligned and complementing each other.

Besides the classical design and engineering skills, BRUNNER Professional Services includes professional project management cabilities and an independent quality assurance which directly reports to our Management Board. Our Professional Services portfolio is complemented by two competence modules addressing Lifecycle Support and Training. This convincing Professional Services portfolio supports all our internal technology and product development efforts.

Furthermore, these services are available to all our customers and partners and are also offered as professional services to external customers individually.


Inventor spirit meets willpower.

If this happens, something new and exciting can originate. And quite often, the result is a true and surprising innovation. It is this understanding of innovation that guides us and which we want to share with our partners and customers.

As a result we have developed a leading and innovative portfolio of simulation products and components which provides excellent quality, high fidelity and unique durability at an unrivaled price-point.


Our highly qualified engineers from different disciplines stand for our convincing performance in systems engineering and hardware and software development. These capabilities also include the design of electronic circuits. Here, the BRUNNER Design Repository and our own software library builds the foundation for efficient and cost effective development of customized solutions.

Our hardware engineering team uses modern tools for the design and 3D visualization of future products and for the manufacturing support on our CNC machines.


It is one of the core-strategies of our design and engineering team to turn ideas and solution-sketches as early and  efficient as possible into concepts and meaningful designs.  To do so, a close and trustful dialog with customers and partners is key.

We utilize modern Computer-Aided-Design tools to create interactive 3-D visualizations, or 3-D printers to build first-off prototypes that can be touched and  immediately evaluated. Using these Rapid Prototyping  methods allows an early evaluation of approaches and help to reduce complexity and risk.


BRUNNER leads all customer projects, but also the internal product development, by a professional Project Management. This includes project planning, monitoring and reporting and the commitment to timely and on-budget performance.

Special attention is payed to the competent and honest communication of our project management with all our customers and partners.


Equally important to us and anchored as a dedicated competence in our Professional Services team, we perform all measures for quality assurance, testing and qualification for all our solutions, in all given dimensions and aspects. This includes our ability to do EMC testing in our own EMC cabin and the usage of modern remote maintenance solutions.


Additionally, we are able to perform a consistent obsolescence management to ensure achieving the optimum availability and cost over the entire life cycle of a product or solution.

Mastering the methods of reverse engineering or series repair, we enable our customers to revitalize their outdated or obsolete systems.


At BRUNNER, we believe in the importance and value of a comprehensive life-cycle management and a  focused technical training for all our customers.

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Industriestrasse 27
CH-8335 Hittnau

tel +41 (0)44 953 1010
fax +41 (0)44 953 1019

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