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Our cutting edge and powerful Drives and Motion products are key enabling technologies and success factors to our customer’s projects and intelligent process-oriented drive applications. A rapidly advancing industrial digitization and trends like Smart Factory and the Internet-of-Things are challenges and prospects we enthusiastically inhale and transform into true innovation for our customers and partners. We develop drives and controls that allow a fast and precise positioning and synchronized movements that support highest system dynamics in an intelligent system network.

Moreover, our products offer a range of leading safety and comfort features which enhance functional safety and communicate with other components to enable signal processing and integrated measurement in an overall system context.


It’s all about our customer’s success. BRUNNER develops and manufactures customer and application specific Drive and Motion solutions that perfectly integrates into our customer’s processes and systems. Supported by our professional engineering team and always in close dialog with our customers we create and evaluate a comprehensive approach which includes all aspects of the planned usage of our products and of the operational environment they get embedded into. This survey covers the aspects of efficiency, quality and durability and seeks for optimizations for the future Life-Cycle.

This approach covers more than 50.000 successful installations worldwide that speak about the outstanding quality of our solutions.


The Drive Product-Family of BRUNNER is a strong portfolio of compact and powerful AC and DC Servo Drives. Our Drives are used in complex industrial automation environments for fast and precise positioning and synchronized movements allowing highest system dynamics. The communication interface is able to handle CANopen or EtherCAT. In addition to the standard modes of movement we integrated an Active Force Control mode. Finally, our Drives provide leading safety features which enhance functional safety in the overall systems context.

The products in our Drives Product-Family differentiate in parameters like mains voltage, power output, number of digital and analog inputs and outputs, but also in terms of size and weight.

As powerful enabling and modular components they allow creating small drive application in the low voltage range as well as high-performance drive applications with 3-phase power supply. They all demonstrate their excellent quality, durability.

Our web-based Drive configurator application allows the easy configuration of individual and customer specific drives perfectly tailored to the need.


At BRUNNER we configure and offer a wide range of modern BLDC and AC motors. Our motors comply with highest requirements regarding precision and dynamics and are perfectly selected and tailored for powerful and precise positioning tasks.

Our competence is the fast and customer-spefific adaption of these motors to the individual customer requirement. Our success generates from a high degree of modularity and an efficient global sourcing strategy that leads to an excellent price/performance ratio.


Our unique combination of intelligent and integrated force control solutions and highly dynamic Servo-Drives generates Active Force Control Solutions that are far outstanding. Even finest inputs stimulate most-realistic movements and leads to an excellent artificial feeling. Based on these impressive features and performance our Active Force Control Solutions allow creating a variety of applications in which the precise artificial representation of a physical men-machine-interaction is of high importance.

Examples for such applications can be seen in force-sensitive translation of human arm movement into a corresponding movement of a robotic arm. Moreover, our solutions are ideal enabler in modern Flight Simulators.


Based on our long-lasting experience, our design repository and the BRUNNER Motion Control Library, we allow customers to configure their individual and specific Drives. We provide a cost and time efficient realization of the perfect Drive according to our customers demand while reducing the risk to a minimum.

Usually, this approach generates cost-savings and an improved integration into the overall applications environment.

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Industriestrasse 27
CH-8335 Hittnau

tel +41 (0)44 953 1010
fax +41 (0)44 953 1019

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