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Smart Factory and Internet-of-Things are those global megatrends that will lead to the next industrial revolution. The impact on Automation solutions and robotics will be tremendous. BRUNNER contributes with focused innovation that empowers own products and customer solutions, to enable full digitalization and networked business processes.

We investigate this ongoing innovation and technological changes open minded. It’s our innovation spirit, our strong product and technology offering and our dedication towards our customer’s individual need which makes us your partner of choice for your most modern automation and robotics solution.


A customer buys a product. It takes a blink till the manufactuer of the product, all his suppliers and the logistics partners gets an automatic notification about that buying decision. The networked computers and processes of all partners react immediately and adjust the flow of material, goods and services accordingly to achieve the most economic and efficient production and delivery of the product to the customer.

That’s the vision behind Smart Factory. BRUNNER supports this industrial transformation via focused Innovation Projects with our customers and partners.


Our modern and powerful Drive and Control products are key enabling technologies and success factors to our customer’s projects and intelligent process-oriented drive solutions. A rapidly advancing industrial digitization and trends like smart factory and the Internet-of-Things are challenges and prospects we enthusiastically incorporate and transform into true innovation for our customers and partners.

We develop controls & drives that allow a fast and precise positioning and synchronized movements that support highest system dynamics in an intelligent system network.

It’s all about our customer’s success. BRUNNER develops and manufactures customer and application specific solutions that perfectly integrate into our customer’s processes and systems. Supported by our professional engineering team and always in close dialog with our customers we create and evaluate a comprehensive approach which includes all  aspects of the target application of our products as well as the operational environment.


BRUNNER has developed a portfolio of innovative Control Loading Systems. Our long-lasting experience with modern Drive and Control technologies and our passion for aviation created solutions that allow the representation and support of multitude aspects of related to physical-men-machine interaction. All our solutions are fully software controlled and configurable.

The spectrum of applications for our Control Loading Systems is huge and impressive. It ranges from complex industrial and medical automation applications to high-precision robotics and addresses also the domain of professional Flight Simulation for Pilot Training.


We want our customers to be successful. Contributing to our customer’s success with our strong Professional Services Team, our modern Production Infrastructure and mostly with our commitment towards highest Quality. That is what motivates us and makes us proud.


Customer Orientation. That’s what drives us to develop and produce customer and application-specific solutions that perfectly integrates into the processes and system environments of our customers.

Always based on an open and trustful dialog and enriched by creative and pro-active ideas of our engineering team, we include all aspects of a solution’s life-cycle and aim to achieve the best overall results for our customers.

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Industriestrasse 27
CH-8335 Hittnau

tel +41 (0)44 953 1010
fax +41 (0)44 953 1019

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