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The BRUNNER six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) Motion Platform solutions are perfectly suitable powerful and affordable motion systems for applications like aircraft, military vehicle or racing car simulators. Other application areas like entertainment or test benches for research and development can be supported, too.

The motion control system provides different motion cueing algorithms, allowing the motion system to be adjusted for different types of simulated vehicles or systems.

The BRUNNER 6DOF Motion Platform is provided as a fully integrated solution where the power electronics and controls are seamlessly integrated in the base frame of the motion system.

Only electrical power and the communications interface needs to be connected to the platform before becoming operational. Communication with the external environment is handled via the UDP Network Protocol.

A powerful Motion Configuration tool is used for downloading the Simulation Profiles, Setup of Washout filters and other parameters.


Heave (disp/vel/accel.)±125 mm, ±250 mm/s, ±4m/s2
Pitch (disp/vel/accel.)±15°, ±30°/s, 250°/s2
Roll (disp/vel/accel.)±15°, ±30°/s, 250°/s2
Yaw (disp/vel/accel.)±16°, ±30°/s, 250°/s2
Surge (disp/vel/accel.)±140 mm, ±280 mm/s, ±3m/s2
Sway (disp/vel/accel.)±140 mm, ±280 mm/s, ±3m/s2
Payload max1000 Kg (150-255VAC)
600 Kg (90-150VAC)
(external Transformer 110VAC > 230VAC is recommended, not included)
Connection Type10/100/1000BASE-T
Gigabit Ethernet
System Weight250 kg / 551 lbs


  • BRUNNER high-fidelity motion cueing and tuning algorithms for maximum performance level
  • BRUNNER Safety architecture, including an integrated ‘Return-to-Home’ function to handle critical failure situations and two emergency-off switches
  • BRUNNER 6-DOF Motion Control Unit, hosting an embedded PC which is running the intelligent motion platform server
  • BRUNNER Motion Configuration Software allows easy setup of washout filters and configuration storage in profiles locally on the Motion Control Unit
  • Direct support for X-Plane, MS-FSX, FSX Steam Edition, MS-Flight Simulator 2020, DCS World and Prepar3D®, VBS, CMLabs
  • Compact size and single phase mains power
  • Unique Price-to-Performance ratio
  • Features BRUNNER CANopen® Commander Software
  • Application Interface via Gigabit Ethernet
  • Cost efficient Systems Design, ensuring maximum durability and lowest life-cycle-costs
  • Easy and fast installation and integration process
  • Signal Tower, indicating Systems Status
  • Swiss Made
  • 2 Years warranty



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