Flight Instrument Pro

Your ideal choice to replace analog gauges with electronic display



The BRUNNER Flight Instrument Pro is adaptable to a full range of instrument formats and functions. The flight instrument pro electronic display lets you keep the classic look of your panel while upgrading with modern, glass touchscreen display technology. User selectable instruments like Altitude, Airspeed, Tachometer, Heading etc. are switchable very simple over the integrated touchscreen. A large amount of instruments are already integrated, updates or adding new instruments is simple. The installation is straightforward and communication works over stable ethernet protocol.

Standard Flight Simulation Software like X-PLANE, Prepare3D, FSX MFS2020 are already supported. Others can be integraded over a simple TCP/IP network protocol.


DisplayTFT 4”, 720x720 px
Power10 W peak
Operating VolPoE or 12 to 36 V external power supply
Size89 x 89 x 41 mm
3.5 x 3.5 x 1.8 in
Weight0.3 kg


  • 4” high quality TFT display
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Altitude, Airspeed, Tachometer, Heading etc. for different Aircraft are supported. Updates via Software
  • Direct support for X-Plane, FSX, FSX Stream edition, Prepare3D, Ms Flight Simulator
  • Realistic and dimmable panel
  • External control and configuration via Ethernet Protocol
  • Swiss Made
  • 2 Years warranty